About Me

I  love music. I fell for music when I picked up a guitar at age 6, from there I learnt a bit of piano, then spent most of my teens playing drums in a garage band. At age 16 I decided that I was going to work in the music industry, and since then i’ve spent 20+ years doing just that.

My 20+ years of audio experience spanning car audio, radio stations, record labels, recording and mixing studios and mastering rooms, gives me great insight into getting your tracks ready for distribution to your fans wherever they listen


Online mastering is a process that allows you the client, to experience high quality professional mastering from the comfort of your own studio. We take your stereo mix and transform it into a beautiful piece of music that will translate well across all listening devices. With the aid of knowledge and the industries best mastering chain I am able to achieve a master that is sonically superior to anything you have ever heard before. Catering for musicians and producers from every corner of the globe. No matter where you live, online mastering has never been easier to outsource to a professional mastering engineer.


  • I prefer interleaved Stereo WAV files to work from.
  • MP3 format is unacceptable for mastering.
  • 44.1KHz 16bit or higher is preferred.
  • supply your mix at a sensible level: try and achieve a level close to 0dB but never allow the mix to go into the red (clipping).
  • provide clear notes as to what you would like done in the mastering process (i.e. desired level and tonal balance)
  • if you have a reference song then please supply details
  • provide details regarding intended release platform (i.e. CD, Streaming, YouTube or Video)
  • provide precise details of any special edits (i.e. remove count in at start of song, fade song at end or any other requirements)


  • Bit Rate: 24Bit is preferred however 16Bit files are fine if a 24Bit source is unavailable. 32Bit Floating Point files offer no benefit but can also be used.
  • Sample Rate: Please submit to us in whatever sample rate your track was recorded at. Leave any downsampling to us. If you require masters outside of the standard 44.1Khz sample rate, please let us know.


  • Peak Level: There is a lot of advice around saying that -3 is a good target which is fine, however as long as the audio isn’t clipped (unless a deliberate effect), or very low level, then the mastering engineer can adjust the gain as needed.
  • Master Buss Processing: This is often case-by-case, as it’s easy to overdo compression/saturation/limiting on the master buss. We don’t advise removing it completely however, as it may lose the intended vibe. If you are unsure, you can provide us with both a version with master buss processing on, and a version with it off.


Experience the clarity that professional mastering will bring out in your music. Fill out form below and upload your track and I’ll master your song and send back a 1-2 minute sample at no cost.

  • I use analog gear and the best plugins
  • 20 years in business
  • Competitive loudness
  • mastering for Streaming
  • mastering for CD 
  • mastering for vinyl distribution

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Guitarist pedalboard on a live concert stage next to his feet. Intimate classic rock gig.

A pub rock style track

A female indie style track

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A punk stle track

A male indie style track

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